coastal contemporary

james island

Located along the Wappoo Creek, this expansive landscape is quite unique compared to the traditional Low Country garden. Given the contemporary architecture style of the house, it seemed only fitting to design a complimentary landscape. The garden was designed to emulate the softness of the sand dunes found along the southern coast line. An assortment of grasses and colorful perennials billow in the breeze, surrounded by a sprawling lush lawn. A sculptural iron fence undulates through the landscape replicating that of a wooden sand fence typically found along the coast. There is a wooden boardwalk providing movement from the house into the garden, the soft brown color blending peacefully into its surroundings. One key feature to the landscape is the angular fire-pit patio, hidden from observers’ on the street. The stark architecture can only be admired while on the water side, providing a sense of seclusion while being used for entertainment. When the sun is setting over the creek, the landscape provides a gentle ambiance, similar to the calmness found in the dunes and water at the beach.