formal roots

The french quarter

At this home located in Charleston’s historic French Quarter, designers sought inspiration from traditional French gardens of the 1800’s. The concept was to have a centralized element, an overflowing bowl fountain, within the rectilinear setting of the house and its brick walls. Offsetting the geometry of the fountain, four parterres have been created and planted with boxwood hedges, Majestic Beauties and beds of seasonal flowers for seasonal interest. Sandstone has been laid to balance the reds, tans and oranges of the existing English brick privacy walls. Brick sailor course gives delineates the garden’s planting beds and walkways. A small gravel space sits opposite the house and centers on the fountain. Camellias, roses, and azaleas are used to provide color throughout the year. A variety of containers, each filled with a different combination of seasonal color, delivers an additional liveliness to the garden.