Intimate Reception

south of broad

As one of Charleston’s named historic houses, the adjacent garden has the opportunity to be admired by many. Most passersby will find a narrow shaded alley, an old driveway that has been transformed into a fern forest filled with a variety of different textures and colors. A brick path will lead their eye past some colorful containers to a small boxwood lined courtyard, complete with a bowl fountain, dripping water ever so sweetly. Although partially visible, the garden feels intimate and provides a sense of tranquility while walking through. There are jasmine covered arbors and Windmill palms that cast dancing shadows across an old brick wall. Bold leafed Farfugium and bronzed autumn fern blend harmoniously together, softening the straight lines of a bluestone walk. The contrast between the buttery yellow color of the house and the various shades of green awaken a certain warmth and fullness, relaxing the more formal aspects of the garden.