low country rustic

james island

A property, almost two-acres in size, brings low-country landscaping back to its roots. The designer wanted to capture the concept of walking through the woods and emulate the feeling of being completely removed from the commotion of downtown. To accomplish this, they used local and native plant species, earth-tone gravels, brick, and full-color flagstones. Large forested areas containing live oaks, magnolias, azaleas and camellias distil the essence of Charleston into one beautiful space. Due to the properties location, a dense landscape and wooden privacy fence provide a visual and sound barrier. As guests enter through the grand gates, a gravel drive lined with brick, meanders through the landscape, highlighting grand trees and creating intrigue at every turn. The architecture of the house is highlighted to create a welcoming entrance, but the most impressive view is the one outside of the backyard French doors onto the Wappoo Creek. The rear of the house has two bluestone patios suitable for dinner parties, bonfires or simply taking in the sights. A wooden staircase leads you down the steep embankment to a private dock. Waddles and native plants were used to stabilize the hillside while maintaining a lush, green appearance.