Modern Poolside

mount pleasant

Slightly north of the Ravenel Bridge, on the north side bank of the Cooper River, resides this ideal landscape. Welcoming Rosemary and Breeze Grass pulls guests up a partially shaded drive. Cooling bluestone walkway framed with dark river rocks and crushed slate guides those ready to play in the back garden. Upon turning the corner, you will find tranquil serenity from the heat, functional space for full family lives, and refreshing modern elegance. No desire goes unanswered while dreaming on this poolside Gatun. Perennial evergreens pull you in to a tropical paradise with Chinese Fan palms, Lily of the Nile Agapanthus, ferns, and intoxicatingly pink Oleander await to see their guests fall in line to relax. To complete this pool in paradise, native grasses, assortment of ginger and travertine encompass the pool. Carefully placed boulders anchor both front and back of this expansive garden. While individually coupled stations inspire a new resting point for your eyes and mind. Simply put, this captivating landscape provides plenty of opportunity to run as well as recharge.