northern influence

cHarleston Village

In order to satisfy clients originally from the wine area of Northern Virginia, it was important for the designer to utilize materials and plantings common to both regions. A gravel driveway lined with old Carolina brick brings a rustic feel to the space, not unlike that imparted by a vineyard’s gravel roads. Palm trees and Italian Cypresses soften the architecture, lending a human scale to the space. A bluestone landing surrounded by globe boxwoods, serves as a focal point as you enter the garden from the piazza. Moving into the rear of the garden, a large pergola frames the end of a saltwater pool, providing poolside shade during the hot summer months. Cherokee roses climb the arbor, infusing the space with fragrance and zest when they bloom in early spring. Mixed perennials and sweeps of hydrangeas give color and are reminiscent typical northern garden. A subtle touch of the tropical south is achieved through several Chinese Fan palms and elephant ears around the pool.