seasonal surprise

mount pleasant

This expansive garden is located within the beautiful I’ON community of Mt Pleasant. This garden has been completely transformed from a simple, shady, dysfunctional lot, to a texture filled, seasonally relevant, and unexpected garden. At its core, the landscape presents itself as Lowcountry casual complete with large tree form Ligustrum, a plethora of Palms and large colorful Camellias. However, one cannot help but feel reminiscent of an old English cottage landscape with the colorful mixed borders of perennials, boasting seasonal delight throughout the year. The entire garden cannot be experienced at once and is divided into several ‘rooms’, hopeful to evoke excitement and wonder as to what lies ahead. The soft curves of the bluestone path guide you from room to room – a sun-soaked gravel nook; an open lawn, defined by Old Carolina brick borders bursting with color; a shaded, texture rich, lush hideaway. The large bluestone patio is disguised from the street with a grouping of Palmettos underplanted with silver Saw Palms. Its showpiece is a unique, bluestone curved seat wall that perfect for entertaining or for sneaking glances at the majestic Canary Date palm in the adjacent room.