simple elegance

Charleston Village

Although the majority of this garden cannot be experienced from the street, what can be seen avows a simple elegance and cleanliness. A small front courtyard garden is defined by a brick capped stucco wall, wrought iron gates, and neatly trimmed evergreen hedges. The plant palette is selective with a generous amount of evergreen plants, exclusive to only fragrant white blooms. The simplicity and repetition of the plant palette allows one to focus on the single prevailing element of the garden – the hardscape. Old Carolina brick is showcased throughout the entire garden with thoughtful use of patterns, level change and detail to delineate importance. The backyard is a composition of three delicately furnished brick patios, bringing central focus to a turquoise, travertine edged pool. The pool is bordered by a soft green faux turf, layers of neatly trimmed hedges, and fig covered walls. Towards the back of the garden, the repetition of single stem Hollies and Olive trees introduce a subtle vertical detail, complimenting the strong linear horizontal geometry. The plantings are minimal, yet purposeful, aiding to create a tranquil green backdrop for this elegant private retreat.