Southern Grandeur

south of broad

The historic Dewar-Lee-Pringle house can be found off the corner of King and Tradd Street. A majestic house in size and style, is deserving of a timeless landscape to homage it’s splendor. What once was a single, long rectangular garden has been transformed into two gardens – a public viewing garden and a private courtyard. The formal viewing garden utilizes symmetry, repetition and clean lines in order to compliment the adjacent black & white marbled piazza. An original cast iron fountain serves as the central focal point and provides the joyful sensory sounds of splattering water. The striking Canary Date Palm and beautiful Japanese Maple serve as anchors to the garden, only to grow more magnificent with time. An Old English brick pathway leads you through the viewing garden to the private courtyard towards the back of the house. The courtyard is surrounded with fragrant jasmine covered, lattice brick walls, architectural Windmill Palms and over-arching mature Crape Myrtles. The plant palette is Lowcountry evergreen, utilizing a combination of bold and fine textures with varying shades of green. Although this garden is mostly experienced at the street level, the four-stories of porches offer new viewing perspectives and garden enjoyment.