Unexpected Mosaic

south of broad

Without a little curiosity, this rather unique courtyard goes unnoticed to a typical person walking on lower King Street. Situated behind tall walls and two large wooden gates, just one peep through the wooden rungs should provide enough enticement to see more. Very large, irregularly shaped bluestone serves as parking for the homeowners. However when empty, it forms a beautiful landscape mosaic, colored by a variety of sedums, thyme and dwarf Mondo tucked into each of the cracks. The garden feel is natural and slightly wild, with a plethora of textures from sun loving evergreen shrubs, perennials and grasses. In stark contrast, a formal raised bluestone patio provides room for entertainment and lounging. Pairs of Windmill palms flank the patio, as well as two very mature Crape Myrtles. They provide a sense of human scale to the nearby architecture, but allow the space to feel larger than life. Decorative ironwork is on display throughout the garden; two trellises covered in fragrant Jasmine, as well as a variety of historic gates, strategically hung on the brick walls. This courtyard will constantly keep you guessing as it is always changing throughout the seasons.